The practice of the hydrofoil carries risks of major accidents. A bad mastery of the hydrofoil can cause cuts, serious wounds, even death, for you or others.

The hydrofoil must be practiced taking all the precautions of use in windsurfing increased by those related to windsurf foil. Remember that the hydrofoil is long, sharp and can reach high speeds. To be hit by a foil, or to strike a third, can have dramatic consequences. Falling on the hydrofoil can cause significant damage. When sailing in windfoil make sure that the depth of the water is sufficient.

Always navigate far from others, in adapted water bodies without obstacles. When sailing, wear a helmet, slippers, a protective jacket to ensure your buoyancy and a full neoprene suit.

Make sure the screws for mounting the hydrofoil are fully screwed into the inserts. When handling the hydrofoil, be careful not to cut yourself on the trailing edges and make sure the safety of third persons.

LOKE COMPOSITE declines any responsibility in the event of an accident involving a foil LOKEFOIL, the practice of the hydrofoil is done under the full responsibility of the user.

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