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Wind Foil Ultimate
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Be your own limit

Thanks to our 10 years of experience and our passion for performance, the RACE range is the result of co-development between PWA racers, Olympism and your feedback. We pay particular attention to this range, from production to dimensional control. You’ll find well-defined programmes with assemblies dedicated to performance.
  • A range of ULTIMATE wings dedicated to performance to push back your limits.
  • A top-of-the-range ULTIMATE mast that makes performance accessible!
  • Programmes, materials, the choice is yours!
    • 2nd, PWA 2023
    • 2nd, PWA 2022
    • 2nd and 3rd, PWA 2021
Racing packs
Freeride Range

A foil for everyone

The freeride range we offer is progressive and accessible. We have selected the best assemblies to enable you to ride in all conditions with the minimum of equipment. Rigid, sturdy components for ease of use and safety.
  • Go freeride with accessible, manoeuvrable wings from the ACTIV range.
  • Use versatile stabilisers to enjoy your flights with complete peace of mind.
  • An accessible mast dedicated to performance enthusiasts.
  • An accessible and versatile 87 cm mast that will allow you to progress in windfoil.
Packs Freeride
Wind Foil Freestyle
Freestyle Range

Express yourself in the air

Packs dedicated to Wind Foil freestylers. Sail on light, responsive and rigid full-carbon foils.
  • Responsive, manoeuvrable wings from the ACTIV range to take you through your turns.
  • An 84 cm freestyle fuselage specially designed for freestyle windfoil.
  • Un mât 87 4ALL rigide et réactif pour vous envoler toujours plus haut.

Packs Freestyle
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How to choose
your Foil

Because it’s not always easy to master this multi-faceted machine, we’re here to guide you in your choice.


Find out all our tips for choosing your pack.


Read all our advice on choosing the right mast.


Find out all our tips for choosing your wing.


Read all our advice on choosing the right fuselage.


Read all our advice on choosing the right stabiliser.
Buying Guide
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Pack à la carte

You’ll soon be able to build your own customised pack, adding as many elements as you need to satisfy your needs and desires.
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